Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Expression

She impressed her reasoning
on my conscious

Exploratory me
proceeded to breakdown
the conscious slash / reasoning
meet and greet

Am I free to speak?

Wondering the time frame
for the unexpected Promotion of feelings
conditional social strategies
predicting when falling is…


Somehow i had a plan of
predetermined precursors
passing points pointing out
what i thought love was

If it came in the first ten minutes of conversation
the first ten years of sharing space in a so called friend equation

What's the difference?

Means to express what
this anomaly beating my chest means
Freezes on thoughts like frigid nights
meaning I'm way past like..

Like, describes hobbies and food

This is not how i describe you...

Longing for nights
Liberating dreams trapped in daylight
released into an audible stream
connected to you and me

I relish these things...

I LOVE those things...

.that's how i describe you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10 Things

1 bar
Long Island Iced Tea
At the
South Street Seaport
2nd floor
We’ve had 3 dates
this month
I’m waiting on the call
Number 4 to jump off
It’s 5 in the evening
I’m here slow sipping
Dinner reservations
At 6
7 sips later
I’m flagging
The bartender
8 glances at my watch
On the 9th
I get a call
Baby I’m running
10 minutes late

*After all day…I guess I can wait*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"So Moody"

This is that

Beautiful... existing...warm noise
Poised to carry my soul into
The Light

Gentle Breeze
Ivory keys...playing on ...melodic feelings

Acoustics... strumming... sentiments
I lean
on the wheel

Windows rolled down
Careful not to
Move beyond five miles per hour

My soulful sense
Dispensed from lowered
Peeling tint
Just a
Product of this mood that I'm in

This is that

Six inch height
Carved muscle

Bite my lip
Step by step
Into my past
My fixation
On her


Listen - Shhhhhh

Pen meets
Sound like
Meets night
Birds sing
These words we write

This is life

Liberal attitudes
Dark skies
Provisional Contextual Sunlight

Caution to
Often prevents
This absurd
Suggestion that
I’m in this to win

Not at all

It's just a reflection of this mood that I’m in

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hide and seek

She be, everything
Everything that I compiled in a dream
Lonely type, crossing off  - lifes  - likes and dislikes
Making my aura ripple
…Cause and effect
Stand in stolen moments
Hoping to be accosted by justice
And I won’t seek your mercy
This I promise… Damn Ms.
 Windsor knots overlap with time
Meaning every morning
Before work,  I’m, running behind..
Daydreams begin when I open my eyes
Focus is impossible
Because of beautiful you
Silhouetted against the intrusive sun beams
Leaves less space for me to breathe
Catching my breath takes time
Funny thing is
It’s so not my style to
Reveal the reason for my smile
I’d rather coax computer keys into speaking for me
Written explanations and portions of me
The confused mans version of poetry
My perverted means to exhale my misery
She has me
Leaving the house minus the keys
Locking the door forgetting my coffee
Wait.. stop.. breathe..

What the fuck just happened?
My life was infused with
Text messages and thoughts
That, move me
Like scenes from a movie
Has me
Motionless and holding cards close to my vest
This, this is where my head’s at
As I run into the turnstile
Still daydreaming
Still caught in a self motivated coaching session
I won’t be bested!
Hold on, my phone is vibrating
You have one new message
Damn, this is some bullshit, lol

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Could Be

Could be… that the thoughts were
Transmitted via osmosis
DVR’d emotions replayed in slow motion

I love this shit

I never felt her skin
But would often pretend to be in the know
Midnight writes by candlelight and takeout
My space being  heated by the stove

That’s how real it is..

Words flow effortlessly
Seldom leaving thoughts incomplete
…Walk with me
Hold on… I need pinky to pinky connectivity

Could be…  that the connection made
Evolved over conversations woven together by
Happenstance – word play – and verbal foreplay


When my pen curves characters by her design
When submissions become conditions of my heart
Cocooned in pieces Breaching lines when maturity is reached
…. There’s something to be said

I see the world through your eyes
Writes became fluid forms of, we..
Divisible portions of me carried the same form of speak
….life is love
…love is poetry

Could be…


I just met courage...

She be ... filled with estrogen
developed strength, from
wisdom passed down from the heavens

instilled in her family lineage
given the privileged
she provided me glimpses
into the


at least

Wondrous [Pre - Views]

Superhero status

The Baddest... Most outstanding... Physical apparatus
I've ever seen before
I mean, Fuck swagger
character was key
bench pressing life
impressing me with every step taken
in the dark as if she walked
the distance of this countries
highways and Bi-ways

Eyes closed

Yeah...and i would follow

See... She Be

Ancestry revisited
with unobstructed visions
of what's to be


we make it what we want

Courage, casting shadows
of comforting conversions of cowardice
if it wasn't sure before...

i assure you, now it is...

She be... My hero...

I'm in awe of, Courage...

In love with the New-ness of it all --- My Opinion

When I think about it, I think that I fall for the reaction that I get from a sarcastic comment. That’s not to say that the style of dress and straight teeth don’t come into play… They  absolutely do! lol.. I’m talking about the first of many ‘first’ and the eager anticipation that we have for yet another, well, first. Let’s take it a step further, Let’s talk about the first encounter and the first time that you caught yourself wandering into an involuntary thought about that person and it forced an untimed smile. Remember that?  That thought was provoked by a back and forth debate about opened toed shoes and when they’re in season, or something nonsensical like that. I know for sure that would have been my topic of choice…lol. These first are pieces of history that’s being created in the moment. These moments come from plans that were sketched out in our minds and played in reverse because we ALL know it never happens the way that we want it to.

Relationships that last beyond the ‘first’ are to be treasured. So often, I find that the ‘first’ are just a camouflage for the true lack of effort or over dressed products of relationship gamesmanship. A quick for instance, you meet your mate in the club, She has on $500.00 shoes $1000.00 bag, we won’t address the outfit because I’m finding that more often women will bargain hunt for that. Getting back to my point, the outfit is a trap. It wasn’t put together to look good, it’s to promote a false status. This is to boost the king of ‘first’. The first impression! Ladies, don’t take it the wrong way, guys front hard-body too! I just can’t expose all of the secrets, I’m a guy..lol.
Getting back to my original thought.. when we reflect on past relationships, we often reflect on the first time we saw a movie together, first time we woke up together, spent the night.. in some cases the first time we got caught seeking the FIRST feeling again (cheating) lol…

The gist of  it is.. First are like orgasms, we love to have them. Making them 'last' (such irony) is the challenge.